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Patch 1.03
Kategorie: Patches & Updates
Datum: 04.06.2009
Uploader: Leonard
Autor: Ubisoft Montreal

Beschreibung: Der aktuellste Patch für Far Cry 2


Single Player
· Fix some random crash occurring during specific Malaria attacks
· Fix health damage not following the difficulty level when switching difficulty during player’s walkthrough
· Fix some camera issue when using a mortar near a rock

· Add the possibility to play Rank matches on a selection of user maps
· Add deaths in scoreboard
· Balance current damage model
· Show VIP on Scoreboard (for your team only)
· Players can stay on the same host for consecutive matches in Ranked match
· Add a Quick match button when selecting a map in the Map community
· Fix vehicles spawning on their initial position immediately after being destroyed by an explosion
· Fix client being disconnected from the host randomly and not being able to see it after that
· Fix death message does not appear randomly
· Fix some issues when interacting with objects
· Fix bandolier doesn’t always unlock extra ammo
· Fix some bug when healing another player and getting wounded at the same time
· Fix diamond gain in rank mode
· Fix players don’t get a request to keep a map after playing on a IGE map
· DLC Fix some issues when using the crossbow

Dedicated server
· Add remote control
· Remove “shaky” interface
· Reduce approximately 80% of CPU usage
· Reduce approximately 50% of memory usage

Extra feature
· Add a “hardcore mode” that will provide a new damage model where all weapons do much more damage to increase realism.
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